Compact refrigerators for food and beverages

Compact Fridge for Food and Beverage T-20LFeatures:CFC-free gas R134a / R600a / R290ainside LED light for illuminationtempered glass doorself-evaporation water tray, user friendly2 adjustable legsworking with Coca Cola, Pepsi for more than 15 yearsOptions:sticker (normal sticker, glossy metallic sticker with sliver elements

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Compact Fridge for Food and Beverage

Compact Fridge for Food and Beverage T-20L

CFC-free gas R134a / R600a / R290a
inside LED light for illumination
tempered glass door
self-evaporation water tray, user friendly
2 adjustable legs
working with Coca Cola, Pepsi for more than 15 years

sticker (normal sticker, glossy metallic sticker with sliver elements, EL panel sticker)
engraved glass door (illuminated by side LED for better attraction & promotion)
more LED lightings around the doorframe (for better illumination and attraction)

Procool mini coolers are available in below sizes
VolumeModelSize (W*D*H)Weight
Net / Gross
Loading Qty
with lightbox on top
(0.7 Cu.Ft)
T-20L295x370x560 mm
(11.6"x14.6"x22" inch)
340x410x590 mm
(13.4"x16.1"x23.2" inch)
14 / 16 kg
(30.8 / 35.2 lbs)
392 / 864 / 864
(1.8 Cu.Ft)
T-50L430x465x810 mm
(16.9"x22.2"x31.9" inch)
460x510x885 mm
(18.1"x20.1"x34.8" inch)
26 / 28 kg
(57.2 / 61.6 lbs)
140 / 295 / 345
(2.8 Cu.Ft)
T-80L470x465x955 mm
(18.5"x18.3"x37.6" inch)
510x510x1030 mm
(20.1"x20.1"x40.6" inch)
31 / 33 kg
(68.2 / 72.6 lbs)
88 / 184 / 230
(3.5 Cu.Ft)
T-100L630x400x980 mm
(24.8"x15.7"x38.6" inch)
680x415x1100 mm
(26.8"x16.3"x43.3" inch)
48 / 50 kg
(105.6 / 110 lbs)
95 / 192 / 192
without lightbox on top
(0.4 Cu.Ft)
T-12230x480x500 mm
(9.1"x18.9"x19.7" inch)
250x510x545 mm
(9.8"x20.1"x21.5" inch)
16 / 18 kg
(35.2 / 39.6 lbs)
336 / 672 / 672
(0.9 Cu.Ft)
T-25350x410x482 mm
(13.8"x16.1"x19" inch)
375x445x528 mm
(14.8"x17.5"x20.8" inch)
13.5 / 15 kg
(29.7 / 33 lbs)
320 / 640 / 640
(1.7 Cu.Ft)
T-50430x465x510 mm
(16.9"x18.3"x20.1" inch)
460x510x540 mm
(18.1"x20.1"x21.3" inch)
24 / 26 kg
(52.8 / 57.2 lbs)
220 / 460 / 573
(2.8 Cu.Ft)
T-80470x465x840 mm
(18.5"x18.3"x33.1" inch)
510x510x875 mm
(20.1"x20.1"x34.4" inch)
29 / 31 kg
(63.8 / 68.2 lbs)
88 / 184 / 345
(4.2 Cu.Ft)
T-120500x560x850 mm
(19.7"x22"x33.5" inch)
520x580x885 mm
(20.5"x22.8"x34.8" inch)
56 / 58 kg
(123.2 / 127.6 lbs)
88 / 184 / 274

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Compact Fridge for Food and Beverage

A designer, manufacturer and exporter of Rolling Party Cooler for Drinks from China. We've got the most creative and cost-effective cooling solutions around, to highlight your brands and get more impulse sales!

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Compact Fridge for Food and Beverage
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Professional industry experiences since 1998, sold in over 80 countries and trusted by 100+ brands.

Procool is not only a manufacturer, but also a designer.
We specialize at turning a simple cooler into a masterpiece of branding, an item you will be proud to display at events, in showrooms, or at your distribution outlets around the world.


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Compact Fridge for Food and Beverage

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Compact Fridge for Food and Beverage

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