Michigan DNR Hopes to Recycle Old Fiberglass Boats Into Concrete

2022-09-24 00:34:41 By : Ms. Lily Guo

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources the Great Lakes State ranks third in the nation when it comes to recreational boaters. We are a "Water-Winter Wonderland", after all!

With nearly 800,000 boats registered in the Mitten, even if you don't own a boat yourself you probably know someone who owns a boat-- or two! But what happens when it's time to upgrade or you're ready to leave that boat-life behind?

Too often we see long forgotten boats that have become overgrown with weeds and have been left to decay in some hidden corner of a yard somewhere. Then what do you do? Thankfully, the Michigan DNR may be able to help!

On social media the Michigan State Parks, Trails and Waterways page shared some promising news about an upcoming pilot program from the state saying,